Before we can fix your drains, we have to know what’s wrong with them. That’s when our sophisticated CCTV camera technology comes into its own.

Using the latest digital CCTV equipment, our fully qualified operators will conduct an inch-by-inch survey of your drains.

Detailed images on our camera monitors tell us exactly what’s going on below ground, and we can even record what we see so we can play them back and show you exactly where the problem lies.

About CCTV

Our CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) systems uses a strong, flexible fibre optic cable to reach even the most awkward corners and in your drains. Images travel up the cable to be viewed on a conventional TV monitor, giving us a perfect picture of precisely what’s happening beneath ground.

CCTV inspections are carried out both to assess blockages and other problems, and to provide homeowners with a full report on the condition of their drains as part of a house survey.

Electronic Probing

Sometimes, conditions below ground may not allow CCTV images of sufficient quality.

When this happens, we send a special probe into the drain that acts like a radar to record the depth and direction of your drains so we know where to start digging if excavation is needed.

CCTV survey & report

Inspecting the condition of drains, sewers and pipelines by CCTV survey has always been a major part of our business. Our CCTV survey and report will provide you with a DVD showing accurate footage of your drains along with a comprehensive report and photographs.

Normal price: £168 Online price: £162

Standard unblock & CCTV survey & report

Sometimes a little more help is required when a standard CCTV survey isn’t enough. Our standard unblock service is usually enough to shift any persistent obstacles and get your drains working normally again. With this we you will receive your full report with colour photographs and DVD.

Normal price: £186 Online price: £177

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