A clean, reliable supply of water is something we all take for granted. Until the day we turn the tap on and nothing comes out…

When that happens, the chances are your water service pipe is leaking (especially if your water meter is still whizzing round and the rest of the street doesn’t have a problem).

One call to ANSA, and our qualified repair teams will be there to help, wherever you are in the UK.

They’ll pinpoint the leak using the latest underground detection technology. Then work out how to restore normal service as quickly as possible.

Often, the best way is simply to dig down and repair your service pipe on the spot. That might mean excavating your paths or driveways, but you can rest assured we’ll put everything back as we found it.

Sometimes, it might be wiser to replace your pipe altogether. If it has multiple leaks, for instance, or if it’s in bad condition.

To do that, wherever possible, we’ll use a ‘mole’ – a compressed air driven drill that bores a tunnel through the ground wide enough for us to insert your replacement pipe without the need for excavation.

And of course, we’ll always give you an accurate quote before we start so you know exactly how much the work will cost.