If your drain problem turns out to be more serious than a simple blockage, we may need to carry out repairs.

Of course, we’ll explain what needs to be done and give you a precise quote beforehand so you’ll know the exact cost before you decide to go ahead. We usually carry all the equipment we’re likely to need in our vans, so we can get started straight away.

And all our teams are certified by the WRc – the people responsible for setting standards in the water and drainage industry.

With today’s ‘no dig’ technology, we can often carry out a full repair without having to excavate the drain.

But even if we do have to start digging, we’ll make sure we keep any mess to an absolute minimum and restore everything to exactly the way it was … if not better! And of course, all our work is 100% guaranteed for your complete peace of mind.

What kind of repair?

Depending on the nature of the problem, we’ll recommend one of several repair techniques:

Lining This ‘no dig’ repair procedure introduces a lining inside your pipe to reinforce the pipe wall and seal any cracks or breakages.

Re-rounding A method of making pipes round again when they have become deformed because ground movement or settlement. A re-rounding tool is passed along the pipe, after which it is lined and sealed. Re-rounding is only suitable for pitch fibre pipes.

Moling A way of carrying out repairs to the mains water supply, moling allows a new pipe to laid without the need to dig a trench. The ‘mole’ itself is a steel cylinder driven by compressed air that forces its way through the ground to create a path for the replacement pipe.

Septic tanks and soakaways We also have the specialist knowledge to repair and maintain septic tanks, soakaways and other off mains systems.