4 ways to detect water supply problems

ANSA - Clean Water

What would you do if you turned on your tap, and no water came out? Have you noticed that your water bill has been considerably higher than usual? Have you noticed excess water on your property where it shouldn’t be? Is your water pressure suddenly lower than normal? If you have experienced any of the above, you could have a leak.

First and foremost, it is important to identify the source of the leak. Is the leak on your property? Or is the source of the leak on a general water pipe that serves more than just one property? Your first port of call should always be your water board. They will be able to pull your details and have a look, analysing usage and pressure, to see if a leak is a possible problem. If the leak isn’t on your property, it should be down to the water board to repair.

If a leak is detected, you have several options. As mentioned in a previous article, any leaking/blocked drains on your property are most likely your responsibility. Contact your water company and ask them if they provide customers with a free repair as part of their customer leakage policy. Some water companies will contribute towards fixing leaking pipes and will even have a policy whereby you will only pay for the amount of water used, regardless of how much has been recorded due to a leak. Failing this, call your insurance provider and enquire about cover in relation to leaking water pipes. You may be able to claim for a repair. However, if going through your insurance provider isn’t an option, contact ANSA Drainage Solutions.

ANSA are one of the biggest providers of drainage surveys, reporting and repair services in the UK. Qualified ANSA technicians are on hand to asses any leaks and repair where necessary. If a repair is possible, this is a favourable option, but sometimes replacing a leaking pipe is essential in order to avoid further disasters down the line.

ANSA technicians are highly qualified and will explain in depth what needs to be done in order to get your plumbing back to normal. As ANSA technicians carry specialist equipment, most problems can usually be sorted almost straight away. An accurate quote will always be provided before work gets underway, so you can be sure of cost before work is carried out.