We provide detailed and rigorous drain surveys for house buyers and house sellers, guaranteeing peace of mind on both sides of the process.

For the house buyer…

We’ll organise a date and time, either with you or your estate agent, to visit the property you’re buying and carry out a full CCTV survey and assessment.

That way, you’ll have the assurance of knowing there are no potential problems that could turn into an expensive headache once you’ve completed your purchase.

And if our survey does flag up any issues, you can make an informed decision about going ahead, or use the repair quote we provide to negotiate a reduced price with the vendor.

For the house seller…

It isn’t easy selling a house in the current climate, so anything you can do to make your property more attractive can only be a good thing.

A pre-sale survey of your drains will give you an objective, professional report that you can add to your property details. Giving potential buyers added peace of mind that could make all the difference between an interested party and a firm offer.

What happens during a pre purchase survey package?

  • 1) A trained member of our survey team will visit the property to arrange access to the drainage system.
  • 2) A fibre optic CCTV camera is inserted into the drain to provide high quality images showing the condition of the pipes and the nature of any problems or blockages.
  • 3) Footage of the entire drainage system and a detailed written report- along with quotes for any repairs that may be necessary – will be passed on to you within seven days of the survey date.

Our Survey Technologies.

Pre-House Purchase Survey

We provide a fast and effective CCTV inspection service of all types of pipes and drains using the latest equipment for pre-house surveys offering you a full report and DVD showing the true condition of your drains.

Normal price: £168 Online price: £162

Working 365 days a year

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