Case Study


We were asked to investigate a property with blocked and slow running drains at a home.

Identifying the problem

Our team spoke with the homeowner during the initial call in order to gather some preliminary information on their overall concerns, the longevity, severity and any recent changes that may have caused the issue.

Our onsite inspection quickly revealed that there was a collapsed section of a drainage led to a cesspit. A further CCTV Survey established various displacements and a tree root opening had caused the problem.

We delegated authority, we carried out the recommended repairs to rectify the issues and return the drainage system to working order.

Work undertaken

  • CCTV drain inspection
  • Excavated and replaced joint displacements in three separate damaged areas
  • Root cut and patch liner to seal the root damaged area

The outcome

The repairs were completed in a single site visit by our engineers. A closing call was made to the homeowner who was very happy with the handling of the claim.

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